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Video Ads

Videos have been the talk of the marketing town for a while now.

Stats have been proving them powerful time and again:

  • Posts with videos has seen 10 times more engagement than posts without videos
  • Over five billion videos are watched on YouTube every day
  • Over 75% online consumers trust content delivered visually
  • About two thirds of consumers bought a product online as a direct result of watching a video

The audience has been gobbling up videos like hotcakes, and hence no wonder the format has conquered the minds, fancies, and budgets of marketers. Digital video ad spends too have been on the rise, and videos are becoming a go-to tool for marketing communications.

SocialTAG India being a brand management company, also understands how video works across digital platforms, how it can be used as a key outreach and campaign tool, and how it can be strategically used along the customer’s digital journey to drive conversions

We, at SocialTAG India have been creating videos of all kinds for our clientele with gratifying results. We hope you too are exploring and leveraging videos for your brand.

So what’s on your mind?

Sales video

Use it to highlight the USP of your product/service and nudge your audience through eye catching visuals, compelling narrative, and attractive audio and effects.

How-to/ Demo video

From explaining a process to explaining how a product works, these videos have easy to understand steps and clear visualisation aiding the narrative.

Branding video

Helps you showcase your brand’s story, vision, mission, values, or hero offerings through interesting storytelling.

Personalised video

Videos that can display personal information such as your name, location, etc. and can carry visual cues that are customised so as to be more relatable to you


Multiple CTA rich digital video commercials that are optimized for platforms to gain maximum reach and ROI.

Interactive Engagement video

To showcase your corporate events, seminars, fundraisers, interviews, etc.